MB deputy chairman: We are optimistic and do not regard elections as battlefield

MB deputy chairman: We are optimistic and do not regard elections as battlefield

Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman Mahmoud Ezzat has indicated that he is optimistic and looks forward to satisfying results for the group in Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections in November.

Ezzat indicated that the group is capable of fielding far more candidates then the ones listed however they have chosen to contest only 30% of the available seats.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928, by Imam Hassan AlBanna with the aim of establishing only through peaceful methods a civil state founded on Islamic law “Sharia”.

During the 2005 parliamentary elections, the group secured 88 seats emerging as the largest political opposition bloc.

Ezzat highlighted that since the group’s announcement that they would partake in the elections and in the political arena there have been a lot of illegal and arbitrary actions against them. Police have unjustly arrested over 361 of its members including leaders nationwide.

He added that despite court rulings that their renowned motto is “Islam is the solution” is constitutional on October  26, Councilor Abdel Aziz Omar, head of Egyptian Supreme Election Committee announced that the usage of the motto would be removed from the list of candidates. Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, Dr. Mohamed Saad el-Ketatni asserted however, that the motto is political and not religious.

Ezzat stressed that the MB does not regard the elections as a battlefield but rather a right for each civilian to participate in adding the upcoming election is not the end of the road for political reform.