MB Deputy to Establish Funds to Help Revolution’s Fallen Victims

MB Deputy to Establish Funds to Help Revolution’s Fallen Victims

Newly released deputy chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Eng Khairat Al-Shater has busied himself engaging in contacts with a group of businessmen from the Muslim Brotherhood to establish Funds in efforts to help Egypt’s fallen economy.

During celebrations over the initial success of Egypt’s popular revolution Al-Shater stated that efforts were made to ease the burden of Egypt’s unemployed and to the families of those who lost loved ones during the revolution.

In an address to the people who attended the celebrations Al-Shater called on the significance of uniting all the Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians, alike and all political and national forces regardless of ideological differences under the banner of building a new Egypt. He urged all to keep the spirit alive and restore Egypt’s glory which was tarnished during the 30 year dictatorial rule of the ousted Mubarak and his overthrown regime.

AlShater added it is the mission of all Egyptians to build the damaged infrastructure of the state’s institutions appealing to all to set aside differences and to continue in full force and energy in rekindling the patriotism and keeping it alive.

He gave tribute to his parents who sadly passed during his unjust imprisonment and expressed gratitude and appreciation to his family who suffered greatly and friends who stood by him throughout his detention.

Ending his note he thanked the noble stances of the civil society organizations, political forces, and the masses of Muslim Brotherhood members, who continued supporting him and his colleagues calling for the speedy release of his friend and colleague Dr. Ossama Suleiman who still remains in detention.