MB Detainees families suffer

MB Detainees families suffer

The seventh military tribunal against Muslim Brotherhood affiliates within 12 years is considered a political oppression to the Muslim Brotherhood to keep them away from political participation. The detention of 40 MBs has a severe effect on not only the detainees themselves, but their families as well.

Health status of the families on detaining theirs

Mrs. `Azza, the wife of Eng. Khairat Al-Shater, suffered severely during the 33rd military tribunal, after which she was moved to `Ain Shams university hospital ICU. She passed through medical examinations, analyses, and rays, which turned out to suffer from cerebral thrombosis. Consequently, physicians decided to keep her in the hospital to intensify treatment for dissolving this blood clot.

Jasmine, a five years old girl [a daughter of Muhammad Hafiz, one of those suffering from the military tribunal], has been operated on for removing the pus stuck to her lungs. Her mother, Amal Ghalwash, told us the story from the very beginning:
“On the first day of Ramadan, Jasmine complained of catching cold. After being checked, the physician told us that the girl suffered from bronchitis. Fortnight later, we found out that we had the wrong diagnosis, therefore the girl was put under artificial respiration set due to acrocyanosis. The girl has been operated on to remove almost one liter of pus from her lungs.”   Her heart stopped twice.” The mother told

Families during Ramadan

Dr. Muna, wife of Dr. Diaa” Farahat, one of those suffering from the military tribunal, said:
“The absence of the husband in Ramadan made the children suffer psychologically. We were accustomed to go with him for praying the noon and Dawn prayers in the mosque, then pray Al-Qiaam (The Rising prayer during the night) and recite the Glorious Qur”an at home congregationally… all these actions are different on his absence”
She added: “we tried that he listened the kids reciting the Glorious Qur”an and verify their mistakes, but doing this in prison is different from being among us at home”.
“It”s difficult to cook any kind my husband prefers, we have given up so many things we loved because we cannot do them without him”, she said.

The Feast came with no fun

Zahraa” Al-Shater- the wife of Eng. Ayman Abdul-Ghani and a daughter of Eng. Khairat Al-Shater- said: “we don”t know how did we spend the feast without the beloved ones. As for the kids, they never felt the fun of the feast as their fellows”.
She added that the families of the detainees were physically tired, especially during fasting; therefore, we did not feel the amusement or fun of the feast.
Mrs. Heba, the wife of Mr. Muhammad Mihanna, said that the feast began and ended without any happiness or fun. She said: “My son `Umar- 3 yrs-old – asked whether he is going to spend the feast with his father in the sake of Allah; due to being young to understand the meaning of “For the sake of Allah”, the guy thought that it”s a name of the place where his dad lives. We ask Allah to accept our good deeds and reward us for this infliction and sufferings”.
Fatima Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, daughter of prof. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid [a cardiovascular professor at Al-Qasr Al-`Eini], said that she shall be proud of being related to a great family of a great Da`wah.
Fatima described what the families suffer from oppression and detaining theirs, the regime deprived the families from embracing their sons; the son cannot see his mother or father who died while being in detention; some of the detainees were deprived from attending the weddings of their sons!