MB Duty Is To Preserve Islamic Unity, Says MB Secretary General

MB Duty Is To Preserve Islamic Unity, Says MB Secretary General

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Secretary General of Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed in a press release that the unity of the Islamic Nation is the origin of controlling relations among all kinds of Islamic sects without regard to doctrinal or sectarian orientation. Giving priority to the unified origin puts an end to all suspicions and disorders that lead to separation and dispersion, in addition to appreciating and respecting scholars which gives the nation the ability of resistance against all external challenges.

This came as a comment on the debate over the statements of Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the president of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS), about the Imamiyyah (Imamite) Shiites, the largest Shiite sect, in a statement released on
September 18, 2008.

Dr. Ezzat pointed out that what is happening is a kind of suspicious attempts that aim to dishonor scholars and lead the public to a sectarian conflict governed by fanaticism as a result of the impact of media.
Secretary General of MB called on all writers, bloggers
and even the participants in interviews and forums, to be bound by five principles which control dealing with such crises; the first principle is to give priority to the unity of the nation, forget all conflicts and sectarianism and talk with the tongue of this unity as long as we live under the banner of Islam.

The second principle is to say the best when advising people and guiding them, followed by respecting scholars then examining truth among them in the framework of fraternity, communication and understanding, according to Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat.
"The nation should wary of getting dragged to those altercations that keep it from the basic battle in the face of the tyranny and colonialism in which the dispersion of the nation is one of its most important tools by sowing disorders and conflicts among the nation’s sects by any means, even it is through fanaticism to one’s point of view which is the way to dispersion, raising the banner of  “criticism is separated from advice” which is against the principles of patience and verification.”

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat said commenting On the role of Muslim Brotherhood in containing the repercussions of this crisis, "We seek to end the conflict within the Association of Muslim Scholars, through examining truth in the framework of fraternity, as well as our call for those honest people working in media not to engage in this suspicious campaign seeking to tarnish the image of our scholars, and work on broadcasting media messages that are capable of supporting the nation’s unity.”