• November 9, 2006
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MB Equates Israel With Former Racist South African Regime

MB Equates Israel With Former Racist South African Regime

The Muslim Brotherhood on November 8, 2006, released a statement appealing to the entire world to do something to save the Palestinian people before it is too late. The statement, undersigned  by MB Chairman Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, lashed out at the pathetic silence of some world government, calling on all the free world peoples to pressure their rulers to step in for salvage of the Palestinians from the brutalities of the IOF which reached out to everyone and everything in the Palestinian land. The statement read as follows:

In the Name of God, Most Gracious Most Merciful

An Open Letter to Governments, Peoples and Every Free Human Conscience

To Arab and Muslim peoples
To all people of the world
To every freeman in this world refusing injustice and supporting the wronged.
To Arab and Muslim rulers and officials
To all governments of the world
To Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conference, UN, UNSC and all international and regional organizations.
We all hear and watch the atrocities the Zionist criminals are committing in occupied Palestine, and especially the last one took place this morning in Beit Hanoun in which tens were killed and injured. More than half of them were children and women.
 We watch a nation gets destroyed and people get annihilated. For more than a half of a century the Zionist aggressions come successively, and the serial of killing, imprisonment, detention, demolishing, displacement, land scooping, grabbing land by force and depriving others of their rights continues.
 How come humanity accept such crimes? How come free men keep silent and still?
 How come an Arab or a Muslim accepts that his brother gets killed and his kid orphaned, wife widowed, land grabbed by force, house demolished and land scooped  while he stands still and lives normally, as if nothing happened? How can a human being on this earth enjoys a drink, a mouthful or a sleep while such atrocities taking place in occupied Palestine?

 Peoples and rulers, Organizations and governments, This silence can not continue. This languor and collusion of some governments must come to an end. All governments and peoples and the international society should move to deter aggression and impose comprehensive boycott and complete isolation on the Zionist entity to let this hateful, racist, colonist exterminating regime fall as the previous regime in South Africa had fallen. 
 This suffocating and killing siege against the Palestinian people, aiming at subjugating them and forcing them to abandon all their rights; and to topple their legitimate elected government, must be lift. Arab and Islamic governments, that have diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity, should, at least, halt these relations and kick out the representatives of the Zionist entity.
 Arab, Islamic and free peoples should react to show their anger and condemnation, and to push their rulers to help the oppressed Palestinians.
 All peoples of the world should show their anger, disgust and hatred against the sins committed by the Zionists. They should move to press their governments to adopt deterring procedures that stop and deter the aggressor not to go on with sin and error. They should practice public boycott against anything related to the Zionist entity.
 What is happening in occupied Palestine against the oppressed Palestinian people is a disgrace for all humanity. All governments, peoples and those who approved or did not denounce or move to help the oppressed and deter the oppressor should be held responsible for this disgrace.

O, God bear witness that I advised.

Mohammad M. Akef
Chairman of Muslim Brothers
Cairo, Shawwal 17, 1427 / Nov. 08, 2006

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