• MB News
  • July 30, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Expresses Its Disappointment Over Friday’s Events

MB Expresses Its Disappointment Over Friday’s Events

 Over 26 parties and political trends including Islamists, leftists and liberals, reached an agreement concerning the demands of last Friday protests which primarily included ending military trials for civilians, the re-trial of those convicted in military trials, speeding up the trials of those accused of killing unarmed protestors, assigning special courts to ensure swift and fair trials of former regime figures, and setting a minimum and maximum limit on wages especially for gov’t employees.

During the negotiations leading to the Friday events, a consensus has been reached to disregard differences, such as the constitution or the elections first debate, and the supra-constitutional principles. On this note, all political factions agreed to join the protests, and to abstain from raising banners for a single group; and all the podiums would represent all the political movements from liberals and leftists to Islamists and to coordinate among different groups to secure the square.

The MB asserts that the majority of secular political forces abided by the agreement, while others did not and chanted slogans, hung banners and distributed flyers that contained controversial materials not agreed upon.

This behavior was major disappointment, and therefore we call on all to demonstrate tolerance, patience, good-will and unity it the revolution to succeed and Egypt to restore its glory.

The MB urges all factions with differing ideologies, including Islamists, Leftist, and Liberals to put aside their differences, and work together in the spirit of the revolution and to achieve democracy.

Ending the statement it called on the media to be neutral and professional and work for the best interests of Egypt.