• Women
  • July 27, 2007
  • 30 minutes read

MB Female Activists Condemn Killings Of Palestinian Women

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Muslim Brotherhood female activist and Media Professor, Dr. Manal Abul Hassan commented on the massacres against the Palestinian women at Bait Hanun in Gaza by saying that the international establishments are losing credibility by keeping pathetic silence while Palestinian women are coming under constant Israeli shelling and bombardments.

The MB professor expressed anger over the position of the international organizations which keep on calling for protecting women against persecution at the hands of husbands while ignoring the tragic state of affairs  where Palestinian women are not only coming under threats of beatings but expulsions and even killings at the hands of the Israeli  occupation forces.

 She also accused the international organizations of adopting a double standard policy, decrying any threats against women in general while keeping silent when it comes to the Palestinian women and their right to full freedom; she called on all world civil societies to play a more significant role in backing and supporting of the rights of Palestinian women.

On the role of the Muslim women in backing their  Palestinian sisters, Dr. Manal pointed out that there is a recognized role played by Muslim women in backing the Palestinian people in their ordeal, citing fund raisings and material aid collected by individuals or societies.

She praised the Egyptian people’s position toward the Palestinians, recalling the campaigns launched by invariably all brackets in the Egyptian society for fund raising and various aspects of assistance.

She called on the Parliament to adopt a course of action toward the Israeli massacres, appealing to the Parliament not to settle for condemnation statements. Rather, she urged it do something for saving the thousands of the Palestinian people coming under the occupation and sufferings.