• October 17, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB Fields Candidates For Labor Union Election Include Women.

MB Fields Candidates For Labor Union Election Include Women.

The Muslim Brotherhood will field candidates in 15% of the total seats for the upcoming Labor Union elections on November 2, 2006.

 In its appreciation and sensing of the dire need to reactivate the role of women in society, the group has named some of the activist feminist figures to stand as candidates in this election.

On the policy which the group decided to adopt in the coming Workers election, MB Parliamentary Bloc member and coordinator of the workers election Saber Abul Fotouh said that the group decided not to run for all of union seats to make room for others and allow organizations and individuals to have a role in the reform process which requires coordination with all political spectrums.

 However, Abul Fotouh expressed his concern over potential attempts on the part of the government to give way for irregularities and vote riggings in the election, citing the government’s refusal to allow judicial oversight on the ballot boxes, “ a clear evidence that the government is in for rigging the election”, he warned. But he affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood candidates will spare no efforts to secure fair and free election, drawing on MB members of parliament to try to attain this goal.

Regime Persecutes MB Candidates:

As a reaction on the part of the regime, state- owned companies of oil, textiles, chemicals have refused to give MB candidates their syndicate credentials, with a number of candidates complaining of being persecuted in their work places which includes summoning them to the state security apparatuses which exert pressures on them to relinquish their candidacy in the election, an ordinary policy adopted by the regime with the MB members before any election.