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  • April 10, 2010
  • 2 minutes read

MB grandson bridges the gap

MB grandson bridges the gap

Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan the grandson of the MB’s founder had his banned US entry lifted last January.

His current mission is to create a collaborating force and bridge the gap between major Muslim countries and the West.

When asked about his grandfather Hassan El Banna he proudly maintained that the group his grandfather formed was initiated to fight against the colonization in Egypt. Ramadan asserted that the group was formed to represent a peaceful and tolerable side which called for reform but peacefully.

Ramadan highlighted that there was reciprocated mistrust on both the Muslim countries and Obama’s west emphasizing that Obama’s speech in Cairo although laced lacked integrity referring to the number one cause; the Israeli conflict and the continuing of settlements. He claimed that still the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remain with no notable changes.

He asserted that there had to be a common grounds in which both sides would fell comfortable claiming that the if any change was possible than it first had to come from within