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  • April 27, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

MB holds first Shura meeting after the revolution

MB holds first Shura meeting after the revolution

According to Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood  the meeting which is the first in 16 years will be held in the group’s new headquarters in Mokattam the last being held in 1995 where security forces raided the meeting area and detained many members. Those arrested included Mohammed Mahdi Akef, former MB chairman and current deputy chairman Eng. Khairat Al-Shater. 

Islamic intellect Dr. Gaber Kemaiha stated that the people in Mokattam are excited for the opening of the Muslim Brotherhood’s new headquarters in the area. It is the first complete MB center.  Previous meetings were held in a ground floor apartment.

Before the revolution, the ousted regime considered any MB meetings illegal and promptly ended all meetings arresting all present.

During the MB’s shura’s meetings any crucial decisions first studied in towns, villages, cities and administrative offices, will be proposed to the Shura council.  The decision is then raised with a thorough analysis accompanied by detailed voting results to the Executive Bureau to be studied, analyzed, and decided.

A number of important issues are expected to be discussed in the meeting, including the MB Freedom and Justice Party to be established and, the separation between the group and the party, as well as the developments of the group.

The meeting is expected to include a discussion around the issue of establishing a daily or weekly newspaper in addition to the channel that is due to be launched by the group.

MB female leader Dr. Manal Abul-Hassan noted that the MB’s announcement of their meeting a week before acknowledges the new found freedom the country is enjoying, as well as a form of political development following the January 25th revolution.

She claimed other discussions will include the protocols and the structure of the group’s Shura council nomination, and the group’s future media sources. She maintained that the meeting will also tackle the extent of female participation in legislative and executive activities, adding the group was always open to the idea of women reaching the highest of ranks; however security restrictions were imposed by ousted Mubarak’s regime.