MB Holds SCAF Responsible for Violence, Threatens People Can Revolt Again

MB Holds SCAF Responsible for Violence, Threatens People Can Revolt Again

 On Saturday,  19th of November 2011, Central Security Forces brutally attacked young demonstrators occupying Tahrir Square including wounded victims of the January 25 Revolution. The Security Forces killed a young man in Cairo and wounded more than five hundred others. Following those unfortunate events, we were shocked on Sunday by an even more brutal and ferocious attack, in which Central Security Forces were joined by Military Police Forces in killing over twenty people and injuring hundreds. The so-called security forces attacked the field hospital in Tahrir, and swept across the square systematically burning the tents and personal property of young people in horrendous scenes of horror witnessed and watched by the Egyptian public on TV screens, with security elements dragging the bodies of martyrs on the street and dropping them over piles of garbage. These brutal acts contradict all human, religious and patriotic values and principles, demonstrating complete callousness and indifference to the value of life that God has declared more sacrosanct than the sanctity of the Kaaba, when He said that the taking of one life is like killing all people (see Quranic Chapter 5, Al-Ma’ida: Verse 32), especially since these young people did not do anything to deserve such excessively ferocious attack, but simply tried to exercise their natural right to liberty and the freedom of expression, and called for democracy and sovereignty of the people. 

What happened is a heinous crime, expressing a dark deep desire, an attempt to lure faithful patriotic citizens, in order to crush them and spread chaos everywhere, to intimidate the masses of the Egyptian people, to deprive them of the benefits of democracy. All this proves that there are certain parties who have no problem burning Egypt, our homeland, and killing young people in order to herd the entire public into blind obedience once again, into tyranny and corruption and slavery, yet again. Those parties are all deluded. For the Egyptian people who produced last January’s blessed Revolution are able to reproduce it again, and will not abandon their right to sovereignty, freedom, democracy and social justice, whatever the sacrifices, whatever the cost.

The Muslim Brotherhood holds the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces responsible for all that happened; and calls upon it to:

·Stop the killing and the aggression against the demonstrators everywhere immediately, without delay, and withdraw all troops, vehicles and equipment.

·Immediately interrogate each person who ordered or carried out the killings and the attacks on demonstrators and protestors.

·Announce a clear timetable for the handover of power to an elected civilian authority no later than mid-2012.

·Pledge to remove the current transition government, as the second party responsible for the bloody events, immediately after the completion of parliamentary elections.

·Respect and honour the people’s constitutional rights to freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins.

·Break the silence and start dialogue with political stakeholders on ways out of the current impasse which the country’s been launched into.

·Enact laws to cleanse the political arena of plotters intent on corrupting political life.

·Furthermore, we urgently call national and political stakeholders to meet and join forces, so as to save Egypt from the imminent danger it’s wading through.

“But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment.” (Quranic Chapter 4, Al-Nisa’a: Verse 93)

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: 21 November 2011AD – 25 of Dhu al-Hijjah 1432AH