MB House Bloc: OK to Visiting US Congress

MB House Bloc: OK to Visiting US Congress, Condemn Excluding MB Parliamentarians from Egyptian Delegation
The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc confirmed that it does not object to visiting US Congress and contacting it.
Dr. Hamdi Hassan, the media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc, confirmed that the MB parliamentary bloc does not object to visiting the US Congress and contacting it and any other body. This confirmation was in response to starting the Egyptian parliament’s program of exchanging visits with US Congress . The first of such exchanged meetings will take place on Sunday January, 1st, 2007, as  some Egyptian MPs will meet a delegation from the US Congress.
Dr. Hamdi Hassan said in a  statement to Ikhwanweb:” Unfortunately, there is no MB parliamentarian in the meeting scheduled to be held today, on Sunday, between Egyptian MPs and a delegation from the US Congress., according to the Egyptian House bylaw, when there is any delegation visiting the People’s Assembly, all political trends should have representatives in this delegation from inside the People’s Assembly. The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc accounts for 20 % of the House MPs, a rate that should never be ignored .”
“When the delegation of the Indonesian parliament visited the Egyptian House, this delegation included representatives from all political parties in the Indonesian parliament, nearly 11 parties”, added Hassan.
Dr. Hamdi Hassan said:” The visit of the US Congress delegation to the Egyptian People’s Assembly is a part of an exchange of visits between the Egyptian People’s Assembly and US Congress. We do not object to holding any contact or meeting between some MPs who include a number of Muslim Brotherhood MPs and the Congress delegation if there is a coordination with the People’s Assembly for holding such meeting or contacts.”
Asked about that the fierce criticism from the Egyptian government because of a previous visit from a delegation of US Congress to a number of MPs, including Dr. Saad Al Katatni, the MB bloc chief, Dr. Hamdi said:” It is crystal clear that decisions of the Egyptian policies are conflicting. This is because Dr. Saad is a member of the Egyptian parliament who can represent both parliament and his homeland. The attitude of the Egyptian government and its Foreign Ministry is definitely outlandish.”