MB in Al Fayyum To Run For Shura Council Elections

The administrative office of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group in Al Fayyum decided to run for the Shura Council elections on a number of seats in the governorate.
Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman, the head of the MB administrative office in the governorate, confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that the group decided to run for elections scheduled to be held soon.
When Asked about the number of MB candidates and constituencies, he said that the chances of success for the MB candidates are equal in all constituencies; “we will declare during the coming hours the number of candidates, their names and their constituencies” he said.
Sources familiar with the MB’s administrative office in the governorate told Ikhwanweb that a number of MB leaders applied today for receiving an extract of the the criminal register and other papers in preparation for nominating themselves, the most prominent of them is Shaban Al Laithi, a Brotherhood leader at Yousof Al-Siddiq district.
Sources in Etsa district confirmed that a number of MB leaders in the district have started to preparation their nomination papers, including:
Othman Diab, a previous candidate is in the People’s Assembly elections,
Lawyer Ahmed Darwish, the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the bar association,
Mossad Massoud, a top official in the ministry of education, and
Mostafa Rajab .

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