MB in Aswan Warns of Replacement of State Security with Something Similar

MB in Aswan Warns of Replacement of State Security with Something Similar

The MB in Aswan governorate condemned the replication of State Security Services with the new National Security Services.

In a meeting with representatives of the parties and political powers in the presence of Major General Mostafa El-Sayed, governor of Aswan , and Brigadier Mohamed Abu Zeid, head of intelligence in Aswan , the MB stressed the importance of not repeating the mistakes of the old regime and to secure the principles of the revolution.

Mohamed Abdel Fattah and Hamdi Taha, representatives of the MB, conveyed the state of discontent between the citizens due to the appointment of “State Security” officers to work in the newly-formed “National Security Services” despite being involved in crimes of torture. They demanded these complaints to be sent to the Minister of Interior in anticipation of clashes between citizens and unwanted officers.

Hamdi Taha suggested giving speeches and other means to increase awareness between citizens in Aswan on the importance of national unity between Muslims and Christians and to be aware of any attempts to thwart the objectives of the revolution and hamper its development.

The governor of Aswan announced the formation of an advisory committee consisting of representatives of political powers and parties and their willingness to form committees to discuss the problems in the governorate and ways to solve them.

The governor also promised to discuss the financial situation of the governorate and the expenditures on public services with the advisory board.