MB in Dakahlia Celebrates Farmers’ Day amid Tight Security Measures

MB in Dakahlia Celebrates Farmers’ Day amid Tight Security Measures

The Muslim Brotherhood in Dakahlia celebrated two days ago farmers” day amid tight security measures. 


Security forces prevented a large number of farmers and group leaders to participate in the celebration held at the Pharmacists” Club in Talkha.  


The forces besieged the club entrances and seized the ID cards of a large number of participants. 


Security sources said the group had not obtained a license to hold the celebration, while this claim was denied by the group leaders.


Dr. Hassan Gomaa, professor at the Agricultural Research Center (ARC), said during the celebration that the government had ordered farmers not to burn rice straw without giving logical or reasonable solutions. 


He indicated that, as a result of this, more than 6 million tons of rice straw are burnt annually, stressing that straw can be turned into compost or animals fodders.  


He said there was no problem in implementing the two solutions but that the problem was with officials sitting at their offices. 


Gomaa added that the burning process has always taken place after sunset so that farmers would avoid paying fines.


He also added that when penalties were tougher, farmers used to burn at any time knowing that laws are only inscribed on papers and not implemented.


Agriculture Minister in the Hamas-led deposed Palestinian government Mohammed el-Agha said in a phone call with MB leaders during the celebration that thousands of hectares have been wiped out in the Gaza Strip. 


He indicated that the losses of the agricultural sector amounted to $750 million over the past four years.  


He pointed out that they all get agricultural supplies from the Zionist enemy and demanded that the Egyptian and Arab governments to show their solidarity so as to lift the siege imposed on the Strip.


Dr. Yousri Hanie, professor of Sharia at Al-Azhar Faculty of Religious Fundamentals, said that each citizen in Egypt should claim his rights, as the beginning of the right road is to say “No” while hoping for reforms.