MB in Egypt refute allegations of affiliation with Nigeria’s so called Muslim Brotherhood

MB in Egypt refute allegations of affiliation with Nigeria’s so called Muslim Brotherhood


Allegations that the recent rule by an Islamic court in the northern city of Kaduna Monday which ruled for the Association of the Muslim Brotherhood of Nigeria, are simply untrue. That said the Muslim Brotherhood would like to confirm that it has no affiliation with the aforementioned group in Nigeria which sought to censor debate on the social networking sites over an amputation case that occurred ten years ago. Various Western media and press have taken the liberty to publish, brandish and assume the role of judge without meeting with any MB figures


In fact had this been brought up and representatives been involved in these debates and discussions on a one-on-one personal encounter there would have indeed been integrity and honesty with regards to the discussed issue.   Favorable common grounds would have been found with the debating parties. Firstly the MB would have reported that it condemns the ruling made by the court in Nigeria with the banning of the networking sites namely, Facebook, Twitter and online chatting. In fact the MB adheres to the advanced use of technology and advocates the progress these tools offer

The group has always called for the freedom of speech, forbearing and tolerance so how is it that some Western media press report that the group calls for its banning. Moreover the group utilizes this technology and in fact has been punished for it with the countless arrests of MB leaders, bloggers, spokesmen, activists, members and publicists in addition to stemming and suppression attempts by the authorities

The absence of critical thinking and consciousness with some reporting has led to some misunderstandings and maybe tilting of scales for example stories recording the ruling regimes control of Skype or its tough stances on MB electronic websites is all too marginalized

Unfortunately it seems that a cocktail of double-standards, when discussing the MB has set in where Islamaphobia and Ikhwaniphobia appear to have ruled the day