MB in Giza to field 10 candidates including one female

MB in Giza to field 10 candidates including one female

The Muslim Brotherhood Administrative office in Giza has announced the names of the candidates fielded in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled late November.

 Mr. Sayed Nazili, head of the MB Giza office, confirmed that the MB group has nominated 10 candidates including one female, Amal Abdul Karim.

 In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Nazili named the candidates contesting seats for the Giza constituency. They include:


– Azab Mustafa (Giza).

– Dr. Gamal Qorny (Hawamdia).

– Essam El-Shahed (Dokki and Agouza).

– Dr. Yasser Abdel-Wahab (Imbaba).

– Khaled Al-Azhari (Al-Haram).

– Amal Abdel-Karim (Giza).

– Dr. Hossam Shendi (Al-Ayat).

– Ahmed Abdo Shabon (Mazgona).

– Eng. Rizk Abdel Tawab Hawass (Al-Badrasheen).

– Bahaa Abdel Rahman, head of lawyer’s for 6th of October (Bulaq El-Dakrur).


Since MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie’s announcement that the group will contest 30% of the total number of seats available, security services have escalated efforts to thwart the participation of the MB.

The last count has revealed that over 167 MB members have been arbitrarily detained since the announcement on October 9. Although 70 detainees have been released the rest remain in custody awaiting investigations. Other measures include abducting MB members from the streets in broad daylight. Businesses owned by MB members have either been closed down or had their goods confiscated once again illustrating that the regime is incapable of facing honest competition.

According to the group’s top lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud there will be an increase in the unjustified arrests of MB leaders, members, campaigners and supporters. He added however that the group will not be deterred and will continue to participate in the elections and follow their call peacefully for political reform and change.