MB in Iraq: Laws To Preserve Human Rights Are Our First Priority

MB in Iraq: Laws To Preserve Human Rights Are Our First Priority

Member of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Islamic Party (MB in Iraq) Abdel-Kareem El-Samurrai said in press statements that the Islamic Party had set laws for preserving human rights as its first priority.

El-Samurrai added that there is no equal to the Islamic party and the Iraqi Accord Front when it comes to human rights and exposing the oppression, raids, and arrests on the Iraqi people as the Accord Front visited the prisons and saw the severe violations of human rights.

El-Samurrai pointed out that the Council of Ministers received the general law of pardon from the government and formed a committee within the council to study and add some important items to it.  The committee included members from the security, defense, human rights, and legal committees and most of them were from the Accord Front who had left clear impressions for these laws to emerge.  The Accord Front also added some articles to the law which did justice to the thousands of innocent detainees who were detained since the years 2006-2007 until this day and haven”t been presented to a judge or court.  Despite these additions, though, it hasn”t been applied yet due to the Executive Authority”s refusal to apply the article concerning the detainees.

El-Samurrai pointed out that members of the Front and other members in the Council are monitoring the performance of the Executive Authority and contacting it especially concerning the security in the Defense and Interior ministries and operations room on a daily basis to alleviate the oppression of the Iraqi people and throw light on the mistakes.

We have passed several bills among which the most recent was the law of military service and retirement which will be voted upon later and through which we are trying to restore the rights of a large sector of officers and those who had joined the military army in terms of salaries and retirement rights, El-Samurrai said.  In addition, there are bills that have been passed by other committees such as the educational, college services, and others which are evidence of a clear impression left by the Accord Front in the field of human rights.