MB In Iraq Condemns Karkuk Bombings, Calls For Iraqi Unity

MB In Iraq Condemns Karkuk Bombings, Calls For Iraqi Unity

In press statements, the Iraqi Islamic Party, or MB in Iraq, condemned the bombings in Karkuk expressing their deep disappointment and pain due to the incident which they described as criminal and which targeted and killed the lives of innocent Iraqis.


The statement added that among the martyrs was Emad Hussein who was a member of the Iraqi Islamic Party in Karkuk.  The Islamic party further affirmed that the “sinful act” was a failed attempt targeting brotherhood ties between the different components of Karkuk and an attempt to spoil Iraqi”s joy and happiness in their holiday celebration of Eid Ul-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice(


The Iraqi Islamic Party further called on all Iraqis to unite and strengthen their brotherhood ties so that they can confront with all their might anyone who tries to divide or incite chaos among them whether in Karkuk or elsewhere in Iraq.


Karkuk, the city located north of Iraq, witnessed a suicide bombing on Thursday in a Kurdish restaurant that had been packed with government officials, women, and children, in addition to leaders of Arab tribes and officials from the Kurdish National Union who were meeting there, according to Kurdish officials.  The bombing killed 55 people and injured around 110 others.