MB in Jordan Embarks on Fresh Protests

MB in Jordan Embarks on Fresh Protests

Jordanian protestors on Friday embarked on a fresh wave of demonstrations despite a general amnesty, which was decreed on Thursday by King Abdullah and pardoned about 4,000 prisoners.

The country witnessed thousands of Jordanians demonstrating in several cities urging Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit’s government to resign.

Protestors called for political reform, the dismantling of the lower house of parliament and the annulment of the existing peace treaty with Israel. They also called on rebuking the current corruption evident in the country.

The people demanded the toppling of the government stressing it lacked willingness and motivation to carry out the required reforms.

Protestors included members of the Islamic Action Front the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan and activists who also rallied in front of the State Security Court in Marka. They called for the abolition of the military tribunal which has passed sentences on hundreds of innocent Jordanians.