MB in Mina Organizes National Unity March

MB in Mina Organizes National Unity March

Islamic trends led by the MB in Minia distributed a statement titled “A Call From the Heart, For the Ship not to Sink” in an attempt to calm the situation following a quarrel last Monday which had taken place between two families which led to clashes between the Muslims and the Copts. Two people were killed and two others were injured while the Military Prosecution decided to detain 17 persons pending investigations of those who committed violence. Security and popular efforts are seeking to calm the situation.

It is on this note that the MB In an attempt to eliminate sectarian strife, organized a national march in Minia which included  a large number of citizens including  Muslims and Copts.

Participants called on both sides to calm down and called for bringing those responsible for igniting the strife and killing the citizens to justice. They called for national unity and to deter the chances of causing sectarian strife by the remnants of the former regime.

Dr. Ibrahim Zanouni, former MB MP, told Ikhwanweb that the aim of this march was to overcome some of the events which took place last week and to demonstrate that there  was national unity between the  Muslim and Copt citizens and that these events were instigated and planned by remnants of the former regime.

He added that the MB’s position with regards to these sectarian violations is clear and we have sought to stop these events and and workas mediator. He pointed out that the role of the MB was clear and that they have enjoyed a fine relationship with the Copts since its establishment and that the rumors of problems between them are only spread to panic the people.