MB in Sharqiya Condemn the Arrest of Twenty MB Supporters

MB in Sharqiya Condemn the Arrest of Twenty MB Supporters

 Twenty MB supporters have been abducted during the past few days from various constituencies in the Sharqiya governorate. The prosecution charged them with making religious and early promotion for their candidates while allowing other candidates to do religious, non-religious and early promotions for candidates of the ruling party (NDP).

Most of them faced the prosecution and were released on bail of 1000 to 2000 L.E; however, the defence team decided not to pay the bail money.

Dr Ameer Bassam, MB media spokesman in Sharqiya, stressed that the abduction of MB supporters, which included young and old people, and violated the legal rights every candidate enjoys of having their supporters promote their election campaign, will not hamper their constitutional struggle to grant people the right to choose who should rule and represent them.

He added: “We call on the regime to act wisely with all candidates with no discrimination regardless of their intellectual, ideological or partisan affiliation. We announced earlier that the abduction of MB supporters is a violation of the law by security forces and we will bring them to justice and the authority they enjoy will not help them”.

Dr Bassam sent a message to MB supporters urging them to not lose heart, nor fall into despair and to continue having faith.