MB in Tunis Renew Requests For Release of Former Leader

MB in Tunis Renew Requests For Release of Former Leader

In its statement which Ikhwanweb received a copy of, the Tunisian Renaissance Movement, renewed its requests for the release of the movement”s former Head Dr. El-Sadek Shuru stressing its complete refusal of the sentence issued against him.

The statement affirmed that the real motive behind his punishment were the statements he made to the media about his firm grasp on his affiliation with the movement who considered the sentence a criminalization of the freedom of expression and affiliation with the peaceful political movement.

The movement also criticized the authority”s political utilization of judicature and despotic laws such as party, societies”, and press laws that shut the doors of political participation and called on their cancellation. Moreover, all rights organizations and political parties called for the support of the movement”s right to political, media, and cultural participation with the rest of the national parties and forces.

The movement further stressed its full support for its former leader and expressed their hopes in that the session looking into the sentence appeal would be a chance to put a limit to the closed and eliminative approach adopted by the ruling regime in Tunis and to put an end to the policies of political utilization of judicature and despotic political trials against syndicate leaders, political party events, and rights activists.

Dr. El-Sadek Shuru is expected to appear in court which will be looking into the appeal litigated by 28 lawyers after another prison sentence was issued against him 3 weeks after his release. It is worthy mentioning that Shuru had spent around 18 years in prison, 14 of them in solitary detention during which he was denied his most basic rights.