MB in UK: Patience is a Virtue

MB in UK: Patience is a Virtue

Speaking to Press TV from the UK, Mohamed Ghanem from the Muslim Brotherhood explains that there is not much sense to form a second revolution when the first revolution has not fulfilled all its objectives yet.

Ghanem stated that while the MB respected the right to protest and a ‘revolution’ was healthy it was not logical to expect changes overnight.

He blamed the extent of the corruption of the former Mubarak regime behind the sluggishness of changes asserting that Egypt’s political, economical, social and health structure needed to be rebuilt and this takes time and patience.

He praised the army in Egypt comparing it to the methods used against other protestors since the Arab uprisings began in the region.

Describing Egypt as living a dream Ghanem highlighted the significance of respecting the army which has worked on keeping order and protecting the people. He called on the people to get their priorities right, understand what it was they wanted and practice a little patience.