• MB News
  • October 18, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Journalists Protest Against Adjourning Elections

MB Journalists Protest Against Adjourning Elections

 Muslim Brotherhood (MB), journalist Mohamed Abdul Quddus and candidate for the Journalists Syndicate elections voiced his frustration along with many other journalists following the announcement by Makram Mohamed, the former chairman for the Syndicate and a former regime supporter, that he resumed his post after reports of his resignation.

During the protest Saturday, which took place at the stairs of the syndicate building, banners were raised and slogans chanted by journalists who opposed the announcement.

According to Abu Al-Saoud Mohamed, a candidate for the Syndicate’s board, the protest is a cry against the decision made by the State Council’s Administrative Court to stop receiving candidate applications and to halt the electoral process. He called for an immediate investigation with Sayed Abu Zeid the Syndicate’s legal advisor for failing to follow up on the ruling where the syndicate could not submit an appeal in time.  Al-Saoud added "We call on the Syndicate’s general assembly to form an efficient committee to manage the syndicate’s affairs for the time being."

Hassan Kabany, coordinator of the group "Journalists for Reform" stated, that today’s stand was a symbolic gesture to prove that the syndicate has members interested in protecting its activities who are capable of taking further steps. "Our message is short and simple to Makram Mohamed," he said, "We call on him to either keep quiet or keep out."