• MB News
  • July 7, 2010
  • 7 minutes read

MB launches nationwide petition in support of ElBaradei’s call for reform

MB launches nationwide petition in support of ElBaradei’s call for reform

The MB called on those who care for Egypt’s wellbeing to sign the petition in an effort to pressure the Egyptian government to change its autocratic behavior and make the country a better place to live for all Egyptians. The current oppressive measures practiced by the regime have become unbearable with the country’s state of political and social deterioration.


The escalating waves of torture and abuse and  the continued  forging of the people’s will during elections has prompted the urgent call by the MB jointly with the  National Assembly for change to launch the campaign calling for signatures


High ranking members from the MB Executive Bureau signed the petition, including Dr. Rashad Bayoumy, Dr. Gomaa Amin, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni and Dr. Essam el Erian.


MB Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie called on all Egyptians to join the call for political reform and constitutional amendments and sign the online petition www.tawkotonline.com  or in person at any of the MB or NAC locations

The changes called for include:

1. Ending the state of emergency
2. The empowerment  of the Egyptian judiciary to fully supervise elections.
3. Allowing local civil society and international organizations to monitor elections
4. Providing equal opportunities in the media for all candidates, especially in the presidential election.
5. Enabling Egyptians abroad to exercise their right to vote through embassies and consulates
6. Ensuring the right to run for presidential elections without arbitrary restrictions in line with Egypt ‘s obligations under the International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, and limiting presidency to two terms.
7. Using the designated “National Number” as a unique identifier of voters during elections to end vote-rigging


These measures and safeguards are only possible through the amendment of articles 76, 77 and 88 of the Constitution



Follow the link to participate and become a positive factor in the call for change in Egypt