MB Lawyers Blast SCAF for Proposed Emergency Law

MB Lawyers Blast SCAF for Proposed Emergency Law


 Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and activist Gamal Tag el Deen rejected the military council’s announcement that it would reactivate the country’s widely condemned Emergency Law to allegedly restore order. He described the announcement as vague and inexcusable.

Gamal Tag told Ikhwanweb that “The military has gone back on its word and revoked its decision to eliminate the law before the parliamentary elections reviving it before gates are open for nominations. This in turn will have a negative effect on the elections”, he said. The return of the emergency law is not in accordance to human rights nor will it benefit the country since it fails to offer any guarantees to freedom of rights. “It is an unnecessary obstacle in the road to democracy,” he stated. Egypt is governed by rules and regulations and is capable of carrying out punishments for any perpetrators without implementing the emergency law”.


He added that the country is in dire need of speedily fulfilling the demands of the revolution and can do without the drafting of any new laws at this time. He expressed surprise at the military’s decision to revive the law while falling short in dealing with thugs. “Implementing the law is a violation of human rights and the revolution’s demands,” he added.

Further, Chancellor Mahmoud Khodairy expressed his concern at SCAF’s decision saying “It is an attempt to regain control of the situation using the same security methods for which the ousted President Mubarak and his regime were notoriously known reflecting a state of confusion.”

Similarly, the Rights Center Sawaseya stressed that SCAF is opting for the easy solution of reviving Mubarak’s methods, and this is clearly intolerable and violates the people’s freedoms. “They have amended the emergency law to cover what they consider crimes and this is unacceptable.”