MB Lawyers Refuse Judicial Fees Bill

MB Lawyers Refuse Judicial Fees Bill

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Abdul-Mon”em Abdul-Maqsud (President of the MB Lawyers Electoral List) announced MB lawyers” refusal of the judicial fees bill to be presented to the Egyptian Parliament. 

Abdul-Maqsud revealed that MB lawyers will be organizing several protests to express their rage towards this amendment including one be open to all those against this amendment of the tax fees law to be held in front of the Parliament on the day of discussing the bill.

 “We will cooperate with anyone who calls for preventing the application of this law,” Abdul-Maqsud said.

In the same context, MB MP Sobhi Saleh (also Member of the Legislative Committee in the Parliament) said, “Increasing the taxes on judicial fees will pose an additional burden on litigants.”

The Shura Council had lately agreed on a bill modifying some of the judicial fee law”s clauses in the civil criminal articles in front of the State Council.

The council had also agreed to a tenfold increase in litigation fees of cases whose costs are unknown increasing the fees of urgent cases to 20 LE, completely primary cases to 10 LE, and cases of bankruptcy or requests for bankruptcy protection to 100 LE not including the costs of press publications, adhesives, and bankruptcy verdict.

It also agreed to a tenfold increase in fees of appealed cases whose costs are unknown increasing the fees of appealed cases being examined in primary courts to 20 LE, urgent cases appealed to primary courts to 30 LE, and cases appealed to the Supreme Appellate Court to 60 LE. 

The Council also agreed on increasing contestation fees to 150 LE and requests for halting verdict execution in the Court of Cassation to 80 LE.  Meanwhile, a quarter of the relative fees are collected for cases ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 LE.  For those exceeding this range, half of the relative fees are collected.  In all cases, the relative fees are equalized based on the verdict.

The bill also includes a tenfold increase in the Xeroxing fees for documents, certificates, and judicial papers to reach a pound per page setting a maximum of 100 LE per case.