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  • May 14, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Leader: Hear From Us Not About Us

MB Leader: Hear From Us Not About Us

Former Muslim Brotherhood MP and Lawyer Sobhi Saleh met with masses during a seminar titled “Hear from us not about us”.

Highlighting the significance of tolerance Saleh who was earlier part of a 10 man referendum committee assigned by SCAF stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is a group of mainstream people who are united in the call of spreading moderate Islam only through peaceful methods.

Urging the crowds to demonstrate patience towards the group, Saleh maintained that to form any opinion it was important to hear from the group rather than to listen to rumours or hearsay about the MB.

He described that since its establishment the group has continued to face confrontations by opposition who failed to understand the group or its mission which is to form a civil state based on Islamic references.

He asserted that through this state which the MB is seeking freedom, justice and equality will be guaranteed for all regardless of religion, ideological differences, colour, sex and creed.

Saleh added if Copts truly understood their rights in Islam, they would support the application of Islamic law.