• October 3, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

MB Leader: Iran and Hezbolla Back Brutal Regime Against Syrian People

MB Leader: Iran and Hezbolla Back Brutal Regime Against Syrian People

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Comptroller in Syria, Riyad Al- Shafqa,  has stated that the current state in Syria revolves around two axis; one where the Syrian people have revolted and will not withdraw their stance until full victory, while the opposing faction, the oppressive regime, remains targeting innocent civilians callously, without morals or conscience.Read More

Speaking to Ikhwanweb during his visit to Cairo, Shafqa condemned statements made by Iran’s President Ahmadi Najad who alleged that Iran and Hezbollah were with the Syrian people in an effort to improve its image. "This is untrue, and it has been proved in fact that the Iranian army has backed the Syrian oppressive regime and participated in the killing of the Syrians people."

In response to the Arab League’s suggestion to engage in dialogue with the Syrian authorities, Shafqa commented that after analyzing the Syrian regime and its strategies it is evident that such dialogue is unattainable. "It is inappropriate to take part in any dialogue with such an inhumane regime. We refuse to be part of any talks until Al-Assad’s regime is ousted," he asserted. "Any faction contemplating talks with the Syrian regime will come to this conclusion," he added.
Questioned about the US which summoned its envoy and the role expected of the West, Shafqa said, "The West continues to look after its own interests and weighs its prospects and hopes to be part of Syria’s future."

He explained that Syrian officials from Al-Assad’s regime have in fact confirmed that Israel’s best interests and stability lies in Al-Assad remaining in power.    

Discussing the role of the Syrian National Council, he maintained "The council, formed in response to popular demand speaks to the world and reflects the will of the Syrian people and the opposition’s intent on toppling the Syrian regime." Moreover, the National Council feels secure in the knowledge that it is a recognized entity representing the Syrians to the world, relaying the aspirations of the Syrian people and their desire for freedom and democracy.The Syrian people will continue engaging in protests, demonstrations, sit-ins and civil disobedience as a form of peaceful struggle."
Al-Shafqa asserted that he fully supported the people’s peaceful methods and encouraged them to continue despite the violence by the regime against the peaceful protestors.
"The revolution will continue in its peaceful resistance and will not stop until the corrupt regime and Al-Assad are removed," he said.