MB leader meets with Armed Forces Supreme Council

MB leader meets with Armed Forces Supreme Council

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie met with the Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces along with 25 other leaders of political parties. The groups discussed the proposed constitutional amendments and mechanisms for the imminent parliamentary and presidential elections.

The army has previously vowed to hand over power to an elected civilian Government where the transitional period will conclude. Several party leaders in turn had called on the council to extend the transitional period for longer than six months.

According to the opposition leaders no elections will be appropriately held before numerous amendments including amending the law on elections, abolishing the committee for political party affairs, and transforming the state-run media in favor of the people. The party leaders added that more time was also needed to prepare their respective parties for the polls.

Other demands included the choosing of new ministers to be based on qualification, not cronyism, and for holding unconditional parliamentary elections.

Badie stated that under the former regime the people and in particular members of the opposition and the MB have been subjected to injustice and it is now time for these groups to be an active element in Egypt’s future and they should be given a role to play.