MB Leaders: Where is the Free World?!

MB Leaders: Where is the Free World?!

Muslim Brotherhood senior leaders expressed their strenuous denunciation of IOF outrageous policy in Gaza Strip which now faces a looming catastrophe in the aftermath of Ehud Barak’s order to close Gaza’s border crossings Thursday night. Such action cuts off the population from much needed fuel supplies used to pump water and generate electricity to homes and hospitals. Tonight, when the Gaza power plant shuts down completely, the daily electrical deficit will rise to over 50% of demand and vital infrastructure systems will be affected and possibly damaged.

MB Secretary General Mahmoud Ezzat voiced his grief at the situation in Gaza and the depressing condition of children and sick people who die (or face imminent death) as a direct repercussion of the IOF blockade. He described what’s happening as a “crime” against innocent civilians committed by both Zionists and those who give them the green light, as well as their Arab accomplices. In addition, International human rights organizations, topped by the UN, unfortunately did not respond effectively to this crisis. He also said that Egypt should assist the Palestinian citizens of Gaza by all possible means, and that no agreement or treaty states that Egypt is prohibited to transfer humanitarian aid to the plagued Gaza strip which is now in dire need to any sort of support.  

Furthermore, MB Executive Bureau member Muhammad Mursi regarded the IOF step as an immediate implementation of a US-Zionist plan to smother Palestinian legitimate resistance, with the complicity of Arab regimes. The  occupation aims at destroying all Palestinian hopes of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refuges, though such hopes are their minimum rights, he said.

“We completely reject this inhumane assault, and we would like to announce our sincere solidarity with Gaza’s residents. We also urge the Egyptian regime to interfere to resolve this plight,” Mursi added.

Mursi also criticized the world powers for not showing any sympathy with the deteriorating humanitarian condition in Gaza. He particularly lashed out at the double-standard policies of most of these countries, wondering whether they consider the Palestinian people as human beings who should enjoy at least the right to live in dignity and peace.  The situation is miserable, he said, as hospitals, sewage treatment plants, and water facilities are subject to certain damage and tens of Palestinians are dying as a result. Moreover, he blamed Bush for the continuous deaths among Palestinian civilians and saw the IOF rash escalation as one the fruits of his ominous visit. 

Tomorrow, Mursi told Ikhwanweb, there will be a huge rally organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and attended by a host of political parties and trends to declare their joint demands, which will include a call for the Egyptian regime to react instantly to rescue the besieged Palestinians, and to provide them with the necessary food and medicine supplies.