• January 4, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

MB Leaders Denounce Tuesday Detentions in Egyptian Governorates

MB Leaders Denounce Tuesday Detentions in Egyptian Governorates

Dr. Mohamed Al Sayed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, denounced the detentions that took place on Tuesday dawn and included many Muslim Brotherhood cadres and leaders in the governorates of Sharqiya, Gharbiya and Daqahliya.

These detentions are, like previous blows against the Muslim Brotherhood, aiming at covering the constitutional amendments which will be presented over the coming few day‌ Habib told Ikhwanweb.

Habib added that these continuous crackdowns of detentions against the Muslim Brotherhood group confirm that the government does not want any kind of opposition so that it can ratify the amendments that target, in the first place, establishing the scenario of Tawreeth (that Mubarak Jr succeeds Mubarak Sr. in ruling Egypt), repressing freedoms and violating rights.

The MB second deputy chairman considered that these detentions are an unjustified escalation and worsen matters, especially during such a stage in which Egypt is heated up and tense.

For his part, Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, the MB executive bureau member, expressed his disappointment over arresting the group’s members including doctors and professionals, saying:" The ruling regime in Egypt seeks to impose its ideas through exaggerated methods that include repression and detentions".

The regime hasn’t given any justification for continuing its crackdown of detentions against the Muslim Brotherhood members; the latest detentions are unjustified said Aboul-Fotouh, adding that if the regime arrests law breakers, it should prove this, because we are against law breakers‌.

Aboul-Fotouh pointed out that the US administration seeks to cause terror and chaos in our Arab region, referring to the barbaric and racial way in which Saddam Hussein was executed, and establishing US acts of violence in Darfur and Somalia.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader called on the Egyptians to back the Muslim Brotherhood to protect Egypt from foreign interventions, confirming that" No one will protect Egypt like these arrested on Tuesday from an arrest of them today!! Those who sacrifices themselves for the sake of protecting the security and stability of the country from foreign dangers".

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood group " seeks to stop the danger of the foreign intervention in the domestic affairs and it demands freedom and justice for all Egyptians".

Dr. Aboul-Fotouh confirmed, in a statement to Al-Jazeera TV channel, that the detentions lead only to confronting the civil society and preventing it from discussing the constitutional reforms.

He added that: The security campaigns against MB members aim at preventing them from expressing their opinions over those amendments that the president Hosni Mubarak has recently lodged to both chambers of Parliament‌; describing them as they will reinforce the regime’s control over power and to rig election for the National Democratic party.

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