MB Leaders Realize Challenges Ahead

MB Leaders Realize Challenges Ahead

Realizing the reality of the situation Muslim Brotherhood leaders addressed attendees during the opening of the group’s new centre.

Noting that progress was made, despite challenges still lying ahead for Egypt’s transition to a truly democratic state member of the MB’s Executive Bureau Dr. Abdul Rahman el Bar praised the accomplishments so far.

He called on the people to translate the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people for change into concrete democratic reforms.

Guest speakers including former MB MP Dr. Mohamed Beltagy and Mohamed Abdul Quddus, the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the Press Syndicate stressed on the significance of a transition to a democratic and open society governed by the rule of law.

They noted it was imperative there be a commitment to mechanisms by the MB members working for the wellbeing of the country adding that the credibility of reform for any society in transition depends on the way the people in general and the MB in particular addressed the country’s future.

They highlighted that while the revolution doesn’t make changes; it opens doors and creates opportunities for change, asserting that the reversal of decades of abusive policies cannot be easily achieved, and that many competing challenges lie ahead for the group during this crucial transitional period. 

Ending the night they emphasized to succeed in achieving these goals, all Egyptians should participate freely and effectively keeping Egypt’s wellbeing in mind.