MB Maintains It Won Zero Seats and the Regime Is Lying

MB Maintains It Won Zero Seats and the Regime Is Lying

Recent allegations that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has won a seat in parliament have been denied by both the Secretary General, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, and former Assistant Secretary General of the MB parliamentary bloc, MP Sobhi Saleh.

The MB confirms that the group has zero representation in parliament after they decided to boycott the second round held on Sunday, December 5 in protest to irregularities in the first round of the poll.

In reference to assertions that Magdy Ashour was the only winner and would represent the MB in parliament, Saleh maintained that a decision was made to boycott and was respected by the group. He stressed that if Ashour chose to remain in parliament then he would be representing himself and not the MB.

Saleh indicated that the group’s members were obliged to its Shura Council’s decision to boycott. He added that it remains to be decided, if Ashour chooses to remain in parliament, whether or not he will be dismissed from the group
The group is waiting for security restrictions to be raised so that Ashour can make his final decision on whether to remain a Member of Parliament.

Former MB MP, Azzab Mustafa, was also pressured by security officials to accept rigging in his favour, however he refused. He commented on Ashour’s alleged win that security forces forcibly manufactured his victory in order to ensure the MB’s representation in parliament in an attempt to embarrass and undermine the group by invalidating its purported boycott.

Ashour’s family is hoping that he will resign from parliament and it is expected that he will decide in the near future.