• MB News
  • April 6, 2011
  • 5 minutes read

MB Media Spokesman Calls for Unity to Save the Revolution

MB Media Spokesman Calls for Unity to Save the Revolution

During a seminar entitled “Priorities of National Work to Face the Counter-Revolution Is a Current Duty”, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), called on all Egyptians to work together in order to save the revolution and its successes and to stand against the counter-revolution and prevent it from achieving its goals, by clearing Egypt from all corrupt people including Mubarak and his family.

He stressed that everyone who committed political corruption or stopped the advancement of Egypt should be brought to justice and must return the money belonging to the Egyptian people.

He stressed that members of the old regime are attempting to make the revolution fail and to cause troubles such as the events that happened in Cairo Stadium.

He also stressed that the revolution is facing a greater challenge with the Israelis and the large countries which know best that Egypt’s development and advancement is not in their interest. He stated that the US has sent tens of its journalists to discuss Egypt’s future and instil fear intheir heart about the future and to study the situation in Egypt under the pretext of media coverage in Egypt.

He added that stability in Egypt must be achieved through freedom and justice, holding free and fair elections, writing a new constitution for Egypt with a new president elected by the people and aproper government.

He said that the Egyptian people are aware of what is hapenenig and will give their opinion next Friday in Tahrir Square with regards to the slow procedures that have been taken to clear the country of corrupt people and bringing them to justice.

He said that the MB members did not create the revolution but that they participated like many other groups and segments of the Egyptian society. He stressed that the releationship with the Christians is a religious one and that our religion orders us to treat them well.

He called on the people to work together and achieve their demands as the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is no doing enough.

Diaa Rashwan, expert in Al-Ahram Political and Strategic Study Centre, stressed that the revolution is incomplete as we still have not had a vision for reconstruction of the institutions through legal procedures. He calle on the national powers to form committees of youth in all cities,villages and centres to start the reconstruction, pointing out that the policy of Dr.Essam Sharaf is based on exchanging the people, who participated in the corruption,but are not well-known. He called for the formation of a committee that includes Egypt’s wise people to start writing a draft on which all political powers and segments of the society agree, before it is too late.

 He called on the youth to exert pressure on governmentalbodies responsible for securing the country during the transmission to bring to justice all corrupt people as soon as possible, as the ones from the old regime are working hard to win in the parliamentary elections and to take part in writing the constitution and everyone should work against allowing them to win.

Dr. Saif Eldin Abdelfattah, professor in the Faculty of Economic and Political sciences, Cairo University, stated that the revolution was able to face 30 years of oppression and all Egyptians should work together in order to confront the counter-revolution. The revolution and the transition period should be comprehensive and the success of the revolution does not mean the removal of Mubarak, but of all corrupt people and members of the NDP are currently committing political crimes in universities, media and newspapers in an attempt to distort the image of the revolution.

The state should remain,but the regime must be eliminated. He called on SCAF to issue laws to clear the country of corruption in order to achieve stability.