MB Meets Syrian Opposition Delegation and Voices Support

MB Meets Syrian Opposition Delegation and Voices Support
Media spokesman and Executive Bureau member for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan met Monday with Syrian political opposition leaders, at the group’s headquarters in Muqattam, Cairo.

During the meeting, Ghozlan expressed the MB’s full support to the Syrians’ cause and their protests against the Syrian regime demanding a legitimate and dignified life.

“The MB will not refrain from offering any political and moral support to the Syrians oppressed by a corrupt and brutal regime intent on killing its people and destroying the land,” he said, calling on the opposition forces to remain patient and continue in solidarity to reach their objectives and to disregard differences in order to become a force to be reckoned with and to succeed in toppling the regime.
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Maslat spokesman for the Syrian opposition called on the MB to stand by the Syrians describing the MB as a positive and influential force with experiences in unity and solidarity.
Dr. Ghassan Hamdoun, leader for the Syrian opposition added that “the opposition is currently working on forming a transitional power and a civil and united entity aimed at ousting the regime.”