MB meets with ElBaradei Saturday June, 5

MB meets with ElBaradei Saturday June, 5


Katatni maintained that the meeting comes as a continuation of the previous meeting which took place 2 months ago. The two will discuss numerous issues related to freedom, reform and the

Muslim Brotherhood’s status on them

The meeting is expected to address the seven demands advocated by the Egyptian Society of change and ways to go about them


After Tuesday’s ‘invalid’ Shura election, and the obvious corruption the Brotherhood has strengthened its resolve to advocate political amendments and support the call by the former IAEA chief. Discussions will include such views as how to implement equal rights and duties for all citizens, as set out in the constitution


In a related issue the  “could be  presidential candidate” called on supporters  in Fayoum to call for a change in Egypt’s constitution to allow a democratic succession to Hosni Mubarak stressing that the current restrictions make it nearly unfeasible for an independent candidate to nominate

 Although Mubarak, 82, has not commented on whether he plans to run for a sixth six-year term in office, the NDP officials and Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif have suggested they would back another Mubarak presidential bid. Controversey has it that he has been grooming his son Gamal, however both have denied allegations

 ElBaradei has also called for the annulling of the emergency law which has repeatedly aimed at intimidating political opposition namely the popular Muslim Brotherhood bloc. The law however was renewed mid May

 Both politicians believe that any succession that does not take place within a fully democratic system where elections are characterized with transparency and justice and people can vote freely lacks credibility