MB MP: Against Sabotage Even If To Halt Gas Exports To Israel

MB MP: Against Sabotage Even If To Halt Gas Exports To Israel

Muslim brotherhood Member of Parliament Dr Mohamed Al-Beltagy called in a statement to Ikhwanweb for peaceful pressures, aiming to boycott Israel, rebuffing sabotage actions such as exploding gas pipes or any violent actions.

Beltagy ensured that the peaceful pressure must be on the businessmen who are involved in exporting gas to Israel besides using all legal and constitutional methods to stop this exportation.

A number of websites published a warning by some Egyptian activists to explode the gas pipes reaching Israel, unless the Egyptian government implements the judicial rulings to halt gas exportation which had been issued last week. They accused the government of supplying Israel with fuel that operates the military war machine by the Israelis and against the people in Gaza.

The greatest escalation ever between the gas exporting opponents and the government after the Administrative Judicial Court had verified last Tuesday a previous resolution binding the government to halt Gas exports to the Israeli occupation state.

The Egyptian government had signed an accord with the Mediterranean East Gas Company to export to Israel 1.7 billion cubic meter of gas annually for 20 years with price ranging from 70 cents to 1.5 dollars for million thermal units; however the actual cost price is 2.65 dollars.

The flowing of Egyptian gas to Israel at the beginning of this year stimulated mass protests and criticisms, and many parliamentary members protested and filed notifications aiming to halt gas exports to the Zionist state, especially during the aggression on Gaza Strip.