MB MP: Eid Arrests, Proof of Regime’s Failure In Confronting MB Activity

MB MP:  Eid Arrests, Proof of Regime’s Failure In Confronting MB Activity

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Sharqiyyah MP Farid Isma’eel stressed that the campaign of arrests launched against the MB during Eid Ul-Fitr (Feast in which Muslims celebrate the end of daily fast throughout the month of Ramadan) is nothing but proof of the regime’s failure in confronting MB activity in the various fields explaining that the regime is trying to eliminate the MB by all illegal means possible.


Isma’eel further stressed that these arrests will not stop the MB from carrying out their roles and activities calling on the Egyptian regime to end its practices of constraining the noble and patriotic while granting absolute freedom to drug traders and monopolists.  This situation is not in Egypt’s interest and should change, Isma’eel added.


Security forces had arrested a group of MB members in Sharqiyyah, Fayyoum, Daqahliyyah, and Kafr El-Sheikh including the son of Sa’d Lashin (Sharqiyya’s MB official) who confirmed in his statements to Ikhwanweb that his son was holding papers conveying happy Eid wishes when he was arrested last Tuesday, the day before Eid.  The prosecution had decided to set him free but the decision was not executed.  The prisoners are: Yusuf El-Siddiq, Mamdouh Rashad, Mohamed Abd El-Magid, Samy Abd El-Gawwad, Mohamed Yunus, Mahmoud Hasan, and Mohamed Mohamed Bilal.


In a similar context, state security agents had kidnapped Amr Sayyed Abd El-Nur, a senior Engineering student, in front of the Eid prayer area at the Sharqiyya sports stadium.  He was presented before the prosecution Wednesday night, the first day of Eid Ul-Fitr, who set him free.  During his detention, though, he was physically assaulted by an intelligence agent named Yasser ’Awad who injured him severely, a matter which drove lawyers to file a report on the incident.  It is mentioned that the department officer refused what happened and decided to punish the agent for what he  committed.