MB MP: Gov’t Must Allow Stranded Egyptians To Return Home

MB MP: Gov’t Must Allow Stranded Egyptians To Return Home

Brotherhood MP Farid Ismail has denounced the passive attitude of the Egyptian government towards stranded Egyptians on the Rafah crossing border and called on the government to allow them immediate access to the country.


In a statement to the bloc”s website, he emphasized that there is the government has no political willingness to alleviate the suffering of tens of Egyptians stranded on the Gazan side of the border for month.


The stranded Egyptians declared that they willingly went on four-day hunger strike but received no positive reactions except by few relief organizations. After running out of money and foodstuffs, they had to go on a compulsory strike. They have been suffering from extremely bad living conditions and they expect lenient reactions to allow their safe return home.


However, an Egyptian security source stated that the authorities have opened Rafah border crossing to allow for more than 600 trapped Egyptians to return home but some of them were late, despite the declaration that the Gaza border crossing has been sealed.


The source added that opening and closing the crossing depend on protocols and agreements agreed on by Egypt and Palestine. He added that the ministry of interior has positively responded to the demands submitted by the families of those stuck on the borders.


Security officials say they are keen on finding swift solution for the crisis to let them enter the country.