MB MP: Local Councils Replete With Corruption

MB MP: Local Councils Replete With Corruption

Magdi Ashour (member of the MB parliamentary bloc and member of the Local Administration Committee at the PA) has submitted an urgent query to the prime Minister and the Minister of Local Development regarding the report issued by “the Dialogue Meeting for Development and Human Rights.”


The report addressed the corruption at the local councils in Egypt under the title “Corruption in Local Councils…No conscience, No control.”


The report underscored that there have been 83 corruption cases during that period leading to wasting 468 million pounds; however the disclosed corruption represents only 5% of the reality, Ashour said.


Ashour quoted the ruling NDP MP Zakaria Azmi as saying that local councils corruption had “reached the knees,” and said it even went further.


Ashour demanded the government to resist corruption because the majority of problems the people experience mainly stem from corrupted local councils and lack of conscience.


The report added that corruption samples in local councils that were published by the newspapers were 83 cases leading to the loss of 454,373,792 Egyptian pounds. Bribes mounted to 14,898,168 pounds.


Local units ranked first in corruption cases; 65% of reported corruption. Wasted money reached 584, 074, 5 pounds and 2,789,400 pounds for bribes.


The report stated that Giza ranked the first governorate in corruption by 25.3% leading to the loss of 5,840,745 pounds and 61000 pounds for bribes and embezzlement. Cairo ranked the second one by 14.4% then Alexandria third.