MB MP: Pollution Kills 25 Thousand Annually In Egypt

MB MP: Pollution Kills 25 Thousand Annually In Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood MP Tariq Kotb criticized the government”s failure to face the problem of pollution in Egypt, that kills from 10 to 25 thousand Egyptians annually according to a recent World Bank report.  

The fact that the regime is preoccupied in building bridges and tunnels led to the aggravation of the phenomenon of pollution in Cairo, the MP said in a Parliament session.

The report showed that Cairo is experiencing rapid expansion and population growth. Egypt ranked 21 among the world’ s most populous cities, and first among Arab cities.

The report added that air pollution in Cairo is overwhelmingly increasing. There are enormous ratios of lead, carbon dioxide, and sulphur dioxide. Moreover, the concentration of harmful particles in the air became triple world levels as a result of emissions from vehicles, including one million cars only in the streets of Cairo, nearly %60 of them are above ten years old.  

The report stressed that Cairo is suffering from a high level of land pollution, as it produces 10 thousand tons of garbage daily, six thousand only has been collected by the cleaning companies while the other four thousand tons has been left  in streets, which represents a direct threat to public health.

The report pointed to the existence of the black cloud not only in Cairo sky, but also it extends to a number of other provinces, but it is concentrated in Cairo which will lead to respiratory diseases and irritability in the eye.