MB MP: Protests are means for restoring one’s rights

MB MP: Protests are means for restoring one’s rights

Mohamed Abdul-Azeem (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) stated that the huge number of protests and strikes in Egypt indicates the public discontent the in the Egyptian street due to the misleading policies and practices of the regime that also led to poor living standards.

In his statement to the bloc”s website, he said that the government doesn”t respond except to those demonstrating for restoring their rights; the government ignores the people”s demands till they demonstrate calling for them.

“Why shall the government wait till the people protest to get their rights?” he inquired.


The Earth Center for Human Rights (Awlad al-Ardh)  has recorded that Egypt experienced 59 protests during one month; including the labor”s strikes during April (44 strikes) that resulted in discharging about 520 laborers, murder of two, and injury of 19 one.

 In addition, rural areas witnessed 15 protests in the same month. These include eight demos, four sit-ins,  and three strikes.

The government failed to handle the Bread crisis, he added,  to the extent that lady Amal Hasan Ahmad has been killed, pregnant Amal Abdul-Razeq has suffered from serious hemorrhage, and Nafeesah Abdul-Hakim has had her rips broken while trying to get bread.