MB MP Attia questions government’s health services.

MB MP Attia questions government’s health services.

 MP Bahaa Attia, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted a questioning  to the Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Minister of Education and Local Development on the failure of health services in government owned hospitals, illustrated by  the spread of negligence, corruption and lack of medical equipment and medicines.


The negligence and corruption in public, university, health insurance hospitals and health clinics are increasing daily. He emphasized that the government owned hospitals lack free of charge medicine which forces   patients to buy medication with money they most probably are in need of. Furthermore, hospital equipment is usually damaged or inadequate.


The public hospitals are extremely unhygienic threatening the lives of patients. This is also applied to the hospitals’ kitchens which usually have rats and mice roaming on its floor ultimately putting the patients’ lives in further danger because of the contaminated areas.

He criticized the lack of the sufficient number of beds in government owned hospitals where many patients are forced to lay on the floor since most available beds are broken.


The water samples are not being checked in the kidney dialyses section to ensure the safety of water. In addition to this, some sections in the clinics need to be renovated due to the poor condition of its walls and floors.


The waiting rooms are insufficient for patients to wait with their families which result in overcrowding in addition to deficiency in the visiting regulations of patients; this in turn affects the patient’s well-being and the cleanliness of the place.


The MP called for the quick withdrawal of confidence from the government due to its failure in managing health centers in Egypt which is one of the main roles of the government.