MB MP Criticizes Gov’t Restriction on Internet Users

MB MP Criticizes Gov’t Restriction on Internet Users

 MP Dr. Hamdi Ismail (member of the parliamentary bloc of Muslim Brotherhood) denounced the latest censorship procedures taken by the Egyptian government against internet cafés, saying they aim at “spying” on internet users and “intruding on their privacy.”

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (HRInfo) has accused the government on Saturday of forcing cyber cafés to gather personal information on Internet users by asking them to provide their names, email, and phone number as a condition for allowing them access.

“This violates the right to privacy, which is a basic human right respected by the world’s least developed countries,” Ismail told the Bloc’s website.

Ismail added that the government seeks to spread fear among internet users in a bid to control their thoughts and intentions.

.He called on the Government to show more concern toward development, self-sufficiency in wheat, unemployment and spinsterhood, instead of imposing measures that violate freedoms.