MB MP Criticizes Iranian Movie “Execution of a Pharaoh”

MB MP Criticizes Iranian Movie “Execution of a Pharaoh”

Mohsen Radi (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) criticized in Monday”s PA session those exploiting the Iranian film “Execution of a Pharaoh” to affect Egypt-Iran relationships.


Radi emphasized that the Egyptian people respect late President Sadat and documentaries will never affect the status of Sadat in the eyes of Egyptians.


Radi explained that freedom of opinion and arts should be respected without the interference of the state provided that it embodies the facts without trying to present one’s individual standpoints.


“The film does not fulfill the criteria of professional art because it involves the personal opinions of its creators,” Radi said in front of the PA.


Radi added that freedom of criticizing public figures in dramatic works should be guaranteed when it does not intrude on one”s privacy, personal circumstances, and financial status.


“A filmmaker should face legal action if he/she violates one of these three aspects,” he added.


Late Sadat’s family has resorted to legal proceedings against the Iranian government calling for a compensation of two million Egyptian pounds in return for the film”s glorification of Sadat”s assassins, describing them as “martyrs.”


The Committee on Arab Affairs at the PA has issued a statement expressing anger at the film that “offends one of Egypt’s symbols and interferes in internal affairs of the country.”


Shurah Council has also issued a statement regarding the film asserting that certain Iranian entities persist in irresponsible activities against the region as well as controversial statements.


The Shurah Council refuted the statements of Iranian officials that such a film has nothing to do with Iran’s official stance, because there is too much confusion between Iran’s official and unofficial statements. The council said that Iran doesn’t have the kind of freedom that allows for such films to go beyond the perspectives of the government.