MB MP demands answers concerning publishers arrest

MB MP  demands answers concerning publishers arrest

The Muslim Brotherhood‘s Assistant Secretary General for the parliamentary bloc Dr. Hamdi Hassan denounced the recent arrest of Ahmed Mehanna the publisher of the book written by Kamal Gabriel titled “ElBaradei and the green revolution dream”.


In a parliamentary session he addressed the Prime Minister and Interior Minister questioning the promises by the Prime Minster who pledged that the “emergency law” would only be applied to terrorists and drug dealers and not against citizens or political opposition. In fact Hassan stressed “This couldn’t be further than the truth” he was referring to the continued suppression and arbitrary arrests of innocent members of society in particular the MB members who were neither terrorists nor drug dealers. The prisons are currently housing thousands of intellectuals, activists, scientists, and professionals from all walks of life, including Imams who were appointed by the Ministry of Endowment.


State security apparatus constantly abuse the “Emergency Law” and are blessed by authorities who target any opposition or threat to their ruling status. Hassan demanded answers and information as to the reasons behind Ahmed Mehanna’s arrest and his whereabouts since no information has been disclosed to his lawyers or family. He called for the ending of injustice and appealed to the government to respect their commitments and annul the “Emergency Law” which has without doubt been mistakenly applied to the wrong individuals in society.