MB MP Demands To Reformulate Relationship Between Student And Teacher

MB MP Demands To Reformulate Relationship Between Student And Teacher

Mahmoud Attiya (member of the parliamentary bloc of the Muslim Brotherhood and member of the Education Committee in PA) stressed on the need to respect and reformulate the relationship between student and teacher, so as not to repeat such incidents which led to the kill of students in many schools.

This came during an interview with him in “The Eyes Of Truth” program on Al-Bader Channel recently, where he revealed that one of the reasons that led to the loss of  teacher”s prestige, is their essential salary which puts the teacher in an humiliating position, and degrades him before his students if he failed in the exam, as well as the image of the teacher in the media.

Attiya denounced the way in which the ministry and the governorate use in selecting the Board of Trustees, which gave non-specialists the right to evaluate the teacher and impose sanctions on him … leading to the high loss of the prestige of the teacher.

He also directed a warning message to the government, refering to the need to respect the teacher, and to provide a salary that could relieve him and make him away from the pressures of life, to enable him to deal with students with a clear head.

The MP stressed on the need to return love between student and teacher, referring to his personal experiences of how closely that the student is attached to school and to the subject whose teacher depends on love in dealing with him, and vice versa when the student hates school and the subject and tries to escape because of a teacher who depends on the battery.