• MB News
  • June 30, 2008
  • 3 minutes read

MB MP Denounces Excluding Gewedah from the SCC

MB MP  Denounces Excluding Gewedah from the SCC

Alam El-Deen El-Sakhawi (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) has submitted an urgent query to the Premier and minister of Culture regarding the exclusion of outspoken poet Farouq Gewedah from the membership of the Supreme Council of Culture (SCC) after being nominated twice by the minister.

Sakhawi asked the Prime Minister in Monday”s session, “Have you found that Gewedah is not suitable for the membership? If so, why is he allowed by Al-Ahram official newspaper to write in it? Why are the people from different political trends interested in reading his writings?”

Or did you find that his writings about the violations and manipulation of the country’s lands are misleading and that he is the one who usurped the lands and plundered the monies? Did you discover that he is an agent to the Zionists? Or did you know that he reads Sayed Qutub”s books or is he a relative of poet Hisham Al-Refa”i?”